It’s a conspiracy ?

A good conspiracy!!

Yesterday I discovered the book titled History of George Miller, Sr., and Catherine, his wife and their descendants. That’s a link to an e-book but very honestly I would not have the time to read it. I am overwhelmed with information. Many, many sources for information on Ancestry. (A deluge of information!!) I’m not complaining because this “trip” takes me into areas I’ve visited (doing genealogy), into the homes of “cousins,” and tramping through cemeteries where the family is buried.

I say “It’s a conspiracy”  because while documenting this branch of the tree and mentioning the name of the author of valuable reference material (Rosa Lucille Hufford), an obituary arrived via email from a genealogy cousin. (Not a “cousin” to my knowledge but a fellow genealogist.) In the fourth paragraph of the obituary  see the name of Lee and Rosa Yoder (her in-laws).

It’s a good conspiracy because I feel my Heavenly Father is directing my path as I document Neher, Blocher, Hufford, Miller, etc., etc. (Remember my windfall of Neher  family information eleven days ago?) Now the valuable book about George Miller’s descendants–and the obituary full of additional information.

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