An amusing saying ?!

God was passing out brains and one recipient thought he heard “trains.” The response: “I’ll take a slow one.”

Yours truly was “climbing the family tree.”  The noise was steady–and loud–and caused a monster headache. I would venture out into the heat and humidity to take telephoto pictures. My sympathy went out to the poor contractor working in heat, humidity and standing water!! Working with family history, I consider every individual; I “weigh” the evidence; I don’t recklessly add names to my database.

Yours truly cannot understand why landlady’s stepson didn’t proceed with a water shutoff BEFORE tearing up the concrete in the carport. Instead, the contractor endured a mess; neighbors were inconvenienced when the water was (eventually, approximately 4:00 PM) turned off at the well. “Stepson”  did not alert neighbors to the shutoff and I couldn’t help myself. I thought of that saying about “brains” and “trains.”

I questioned “where’d he go?”  He wasn’t gone long and was still working (wading in water) at 5:30. “Wading in water”  because I saw close up when I walked over to join an inconvenienced neighbor (inconvenienced neighbor without water). ~~ Sitting at my computer, with windows in front of me and on each side, I see people arriving and departing.


The water is off again, without warning.


“Stupid old lady” needs to keep her mouth shut. Time and circumstance indicate her knowledge and suggestions are not welcome (in a man’s world).

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