Depressed !!!!

(1) The weather has been disagreeable. (2) My efforts are not appreciated regarding the plumbing problem next door and updating data about “Deep Well #2.” For two days (fifteen hours each), I “climbed the family tree.” With my head  in the branches, among the leaves, I am oblivious to the “outside world.” However, there are continuing, nagging problems from “being hacked” and I’ve forced myself to dig into paperwork. My depressions were heightened as I searched my “important papers.” That box contains so many negative memories.

Just thought I’d “touch base” and then hasten back to my other computer and continue a combination glad and sad project. Back story: When I called a friend-“cousin” to wish her a happy birthday, the phone was no longer in service. I emailed a genealogy acquaintance and her brief reply said my dear, dear friend-“cousin” passed away several months ago. She wasn’t ill, everything was fine. In the comfort of her home, at the dining room table (doing genealogy?), she went home to be with Jesus–and her husband who preceded her by several years. “Dear, dear friend cousin” was extremely helpful while I was compiling information about Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. This would be a long, long blog message if I listed all the things she (and her husband) did for me over the years. Bottom line: I am thoroughly documenting her ancestry. It is time-consuming because of many men and women with the same name, same location. Furthermore, source records (like Census) are full of misspelling. Felix appears as “Philis,” David appears as “Davis.” Each possible record needed to be analyzed for location and dates. Ancestry Member Family Trees list details after the person is deceased.  “Glad”  I can do this project for a friend; “sad”  to lose a family friend who shared my love of family.

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