High noon !!

So glad the suitcase has rollers!! Bet it weighs fifty pounds!! I’m “ready to roll.” This time tomorrow, we should be on the ship. My friend, Nancy, is a seasoned “cruiser”–with VIP “perks”–so “I’m in good hands.” ~~ This morning, I did laundry so everything clean as I depart. The “black water” tank was emptied. Plants have been watered–although we have had lots of rain.

Thursday, I got a wonderfully attractive hair cut so I’ll look good even if “windblown.” I’m feeling so “lady-like”: I pulled neglected jewelry from a drawer, and packed for the cruise. Around the home, wearing old clothes in the garden, seldom going anywhere, no need to wear earrings, etc., etc.

Yum yum, delicious salad!! The last of the perishables from my “house type” refrigerator, in the laundry room. During the lack of RV refrigerator, the old refrigerator has been a blessing!! ~~ Hopefully, “the old lady” will accomplish everything necessary so no need to lament, on the ship, “Oh, I forgot….”

2 comments on “High noon !!

  1. Deb says:

    You’re going to have a ball! Bon Voyage!

    • THANKS, Deb, I deliberately plan to have a super, wonderful time!! Love & hugs from Lorraine

      *P.S. If so inclined, please take a few minutes to visit my blog at *Three Quarters And Counting *.*

      On Sat, May 11, 2019 at 2:46 PM Three Quarters & Counting wrote:


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