For the record

I have a stack of bills but they are one-dollar and not one-hundred dollar bills. A total of $105.00 in yard sale “income” with $40.00 for the newspaper advertisement. You’ll agree with me that is a very poor return on my many hours of preparation and set up?! Today, I need to decide whether to reword an ad for the newspaper. Perhaps I’ve priced the BIG items too high? What should I do??

In less than one month, I’m going on a cruise with a lady-friend, another resident here at Rainbow’s End. I hoped the yard sale would pay for my relaxation and change-of-pace. On my “to do” list, decide on clothes to take on the trip. Do I still have a suitcase? I need to check the cargo trailer.

My RV refrigerator has “given up the ghost” so time to spend BIG bucks for repair. Gratefully, I have the house-type refrigerator in the laundry room. ~~ I’ve neglected the leaky kitchen sink faucet so time to call a plumber.

Do I want to be “front and center” for the occasional yard sale customer?

One comment on “For the record

  1. Deb says:

    Newspapers are getting thiner and thinner and yet the prices go up, because they are having such a hard time staying afloat with everyone doing everything online these days. In a rural area like yours, perhaps it works better, but personally I have never spent money on the newspaper when I’ve been trying to sell something. Craigslist is free, and Facebook Marketplace. There’s also LetGo, Oodle, OfferUp, and others. Do you have any flea markets nearby, where you could pack up the car and spend a Saturday? I’ve even seen people parked alongside a road, in a pull off, selling things.

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