Bad news, good news ?!

Yours truly procrastinated until this last week. “Good news”: Today, I turned my back on and began the simple task of filing my Income Taxes with TurboTax. I knew it would be “simple”; I (frankly) just had things deemed “more important.” Not only did I e-file–at 1:09–I received confirmation–at 1:39–that it was accepted. It’s 1:50 as I type this and the sky is black, and beginning to rain hard. No Internet reception but I still have television. The local TV stations have provided details about conditions in the Houston viewing area.

“Bad news”: My refund is $1,000.00 less than last year. I’ve heard the reports of folks owing… when they received refunds in previous years. I didn’t expect the new tax law would affect me, too.

OMG!! A very, very strong wind just hit my little home, and yard–at 2:07. I can hear things being blown around.

1:45 PM and the rain is pounding the roof of the “pole barn.”

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