Would if I could ?!

Yesterday, on NBC Today show, the viewer was introduced to The Minimalists.” The concept is inviting **but** the “90 day” recommendation abruptly stops me. OMG!! I have kitchen stuff I haven’t used for years **but** “I might need it someday.”  I have outdoor tools I seldom use **but** “I might need them some day.”  Furthermore: Clothes I haven’t worn for years **but** “I might [eventually] have an opportunity for ‘new’ and ‘different’?”

For more than one year, I experienced “minimum” while I was traveling with my Tab Teardrop Trailer. “MINIMUM”  was “do-able”–and I had such a sense of freedom. **But** I knew my treasures were eventually retrievable from PODS storage.

In my cargo trailer: Boxes packed in 2004 (or before), in Lancaster, California, and unopened since then!! There are many boxes of genealogy awaiting the scanning project (and upload to website titled Digitized Library of Family History). I was making headway, in 2017, until the rude, cruel, emotionally devastating eviction from the CARE Center. Because I haven’t “gotten settled” (in 2018) the scanning project was abandoned. (Because I haven’t “gotten settled”  at this address [too much stuff] I buried my frustration and depression “doing” family history on Ancestry.com.)

Yesterday was Christmas and the day started with fog, then gray and gloomy. I turned to my computer (my “pacifier”) and started this message. Then, the sudden urge to tackle all the extra clothes in my closet, and hanging over the bed.

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