Too spicy !!

Lorraine doesn’t “do” hot and spicy!! Recently, the purchase of “medium” restaurant style salsa. “Too hot!!”  It went into the freezer for future use. Yesterday, it went into a large kettle with one-pound organic black beans, one cup organic brown rice, and six cups of water. In my humble opinion, sixteen ounces of salsa should get “lost” with beans and rice (simply the seasoning). However, the “soupy” broth is so hot it burns my mouth and throat!! ~~ This illustrates my propensity to “save” and use (or save and recycle). It never occurred to me to throw away the salsa. (Waste not, want not.)



One comment on “Too spicy !!

  1. Deb says:

    I only ever buy mild, lol. Maybe add rice, or if you have or can get sour cream (or plain yogurt), that is supposed to help. Adding a little sweetener, like sugar or caramelized onions can help. Lime can help neutralize the heat. Maybe another can of tomatoes because they’re acidic, too. I’ve read where you can add potato to a dish when you’re cooking it, to help soak away spiciness, but I’ve ever tried it. I don’t know that it would work after the fact.

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