Remembering Wilson Bundy

My first cousin, two times removed, sent voluminous hand-written correspondence to me–and my mother (his first cousin, one time removed). Mother was living in a convalescent home and thoroughly enjoyed hearing his letters (as I read them to her). His letters are among the mountains of family history I’ve intended to scan and upload to Digitized Library of Family History. In 2003, Wilson Woodrow Bundy went home to be with the Lord. He was very helpful (decades ago) as I developed my mother’s “tree” (the Showalter “tree”). Recent email correspondence from another cousin prompted me to revisit this family. (No, there is no connection to the infamous Ted Bundy; I double-checked; I researched.) I might be wrong (but maybe I’m right?); Wilson would be happy to see all his family members accurately documented on


Postscript: As I worked with this family, I was saddened to see the number of duplicate names in Ancestry. (Not that “duplicate”  names are new to me.) I can see why “beginners” are tempted to “save” information that appears to have their particular individual. We must be detectives and consider “location, location, location”  (a phrase borrowed from Real Estate). In my humble opinion, this family, with deep roots in Idaho and Washington, are not in North Carolina, and Oklahoma.

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