Finally “fell” Friday !!


Furthermore: (1) Frequent satellite Internet failure due to current unpleasant weather. (2) “Freezing” temperature forecast for few days next week. (3) “Fires” threatening my family in Ventura, California. (4) This female former resident familiar with California communities. (5) Finally, able to facilitate publication at 7:25. (6) Farewell for now.

One comment on “Finally “fell” Friday !!

  1. Deb says:

    You had a few decent channels with just your antenna…did your RV have a switch box with it? Usually RV’s have a control so that you can switch the tv between cable, the roof antenna, and/or satellite. Of course, it may have removed over the years. But you could still put up a simple antenna, and switch to that when your satellite service didn’t work. If you could put the antenna up on that building, I bet it would do fine.

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