Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow #2


Couldn’t sleep; too much on my mind. Yesterday, I was one, of millions, who watched the Senate proceedings. My heart bleeds for a good man unjustly charged. ~~ Yesterday evening, TV meteorologist said “Coolest temperature since May.”  Millions of people, in Texas, are grateful for relief from the heat and humidity!! ~~ “If only”  I could get some relief from sleepless nights!! No caffeine after 10:00 AM; no computer after 7:00 PM: routine bedtime 10:00 PM. ~~ Today I plan to shop the “going out of business” SPCA Thrift Shop. Not a thing I need but I’m always looking for colored bottles and vases for the “bottle trees.” ~~ Tomorrow (if it doesn’t rain) I’ll take advantage of the cooler weather and work in the yard.

Expensive shopping trip !!

The hour spent in the SPCA Thrift Shop was rewarding–and inexpensive. Books were fifty cents per grocery bag. I purchased Bibles and Christian books for Love Packages (books sent overseas to missionaries).  I purchased health books for our local Health Food store library. (I’m donating my health library to them. “Downsizing.”)  ~~ A small fortune spent at CVS for supplements, tooth paste, etc. I’m making every effort to “supplement” my diet with (additional) vitamins, and herbs, in hopes of more strength and energy. ~~ Organic eggs from range-fed chickens, and  high-quality cheese, purchased at grocery store. I forgot “eggs” on my previous shopping trip–and I want boiled eggs in my green salad. ~~~~ My “Good Friday”  enthusiasm was short-lived. The Judge Kavanaugh confirmation delayed.

Thurs.? Friday?

How quickly (we old folks) forget?! While wide awake in the middle of the night, I had many “inspirational” thoughts for blog messages. It’s 4:35 AM as I type these words. I decided I’d get up and start this “dumb topic” message before it, too, disappeared. Sleepless, in my mind I continue to “climb the family tree” and/or solve the world’s problems. (I wish President Trump would “zip his lip”) I agonize for the flood victims in the Carolinas, and the fire victims in California. ~~ Here’s a strange thought: I wish I would walk across the street to the “air pump” and inflate my flat energy. (Recreation vehicles pump their tires prior to leaving the Park.) I wish I had a gardener; I wish I had a housekeeper; I wish I had a cook…. I WISH FOR A NIGHT WITH SEVEN OR EIGHT HOURS SOUND SLEEP.

Stormy weather !!

Earlier in the day, I was “Shirley (Sherlock) Holmes,”  Nancy Drew, or “Columbo.” As mentioned previously, I’ve been documenting the ancestors of my grandchildren (their “other parent” lineage). Today, I pursued the ancestry of the spouse of a first cousin. His understanding, his father was an orphan. As an “armchair researcher”  I collected (and documented) a dozen clearly accurate records. Hypothetically speaking, I have a branch of his tree. DNA tests from “hypothetical branch…” descendants and my cousins might identify the ancestor(s) of their “orphan” great-grandfather.

Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

Forced myself outdoors for fresh air, and exercise.



Less than two hours sleep!! I’ve tried a variety of “sleep aids” and few work. ZZZ-Quill was beneficial but “habit-forming.” New, expensive, “natural” from health food store does not work!! I’ve stopped using the computer at seven PM. ~~ I”m using a new (to me) product from health food store for energy boost (but it, too, isn’t working). Today, I should drive into Livingston for groceries. I should…. ~~ So many projects demanding attention and I haven’t a thimble-full of energy!!


Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, Postscript

It was sprinkling rain when I prepared to go shopping. A few miles down the highway, sunshine. No rain when entering and leaving several business establishments. Two hours later, sprinkling rain as I arrived home. ~~ Major rain storm predicted for tomorrow, and thereafter, motivated today’s trip. ~~ Houston TV meteorologist said (at 4:15) “Add ten degrees for ‘feels like’ temperature.”  Furthermore, he said “Feels like August in late September.”