Thurs.? Friday?

How quickly (we old folks) forget?! While wide awake in the middle of the night, I had many “inspirational” thoughts for blog messages. It’s 4:35 AM as I type these words. I decided I’d get up and start this “dumb topic” message before it, too, disappeared. Sleepless, in my mind I continue to “climb the family tree” and/or solve the world’s problems. (I wish President Trump would “zip his lip”) I agonize for the flood victims in the Carolinas, and the fire victims in California. ~~ Here’s a strange thought: I wish I would walk across the street to the “air pump” and inflate my flat energy. (Recreation vehicles pump their tires prior to leaving the Park.) I wish I had a gardener; I wish I had a housekeeper; I wish I had a cook…. I WISH FOR A NIGHT WITH SEVEN OR EIGHT HOURS SOUND SLEEP.

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