Zombie (not Halloween costume) !!

Regrettably, I must confess that I am–and will be–a Zombie today. The Melatonin did not “work” last night!! I documented watching the clock–hour-after-hour. I was awake at 6:40 AM but must have fallen asleep shortly thereafter. I awakened at 7:40 AM. I’m so tired I can barely put one foot in front of the other. ~~ During the night I questioned (myself) hoping to identify the culprit. Was it something I ate? “No.” Could it be one of the new supplements? “Maybe.” Was it time spent on the computer after 7:00 PM? “Quite possible.” (The light from computer screens messes with our brain.)

Speaking of supplements: Have you noticed they are “Senior-proof”?? Yesterday, I attempted to open the recent-purchase containers. I’m more active than a lot of Seniors (I know) so I guarantee they have the same struggle.

More rain, less severe, predicted for today..

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