Recycle and/or relinquish ?!?!

The empty fertilizer bag (yesterday) was only one of many items I’m using in my campaign to downsize. Two bags of fertilizer and one bag of plant food were conspicuous among the overwhelming clutter I was forced to live with when I moved here in December 2017. Who knows? Those bags may be ancient because this RV site was unoccupied for years. Likewise, the container of ant poison was here when I arrived. Who knows how old? Now it is empty and in the trash bag. I added my own ant poison purchase hoping one, or both, will kill the fire barrel residents. ~~ Broken bottles will eventually go to a recycling center.

Did you know that Lowe’s accepts used nursery plant containers? Recently I took a large garbage bag full of containers to my local store. ~~ I recycle grocery plastic bags, too. Do you? ~~ Today is scheduled to be a “relaxing” day because  yesterday’s project–and the heat–robbed me of energy and willpower.

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