Rescue me ?!

Exhausted, I figuratively dragged myself indoors. Too bad there isn’t a genie to fix me a bite of supper. I’ll settle for a couple of apples because easy to prepare. The thermometer says ninety-two degrees and I was  outdoors in that heat. Why? In the earlier blog message, I mentioned five months remaining on my lease. The “to do”  list is endless!! This afternoon I emptied soil from no-plant planters and washed planters. (I recycle soil because I always purchase top-quality organic and it can be rejuvenated with coir.) ~~ Two dozen green and brown beer bottles were smashed with a heavy brick. (Bottles collected but will never be used for my bottle bushes. No customers at my yard sale interested in purchase of brand-new never unpacked bottle bushes and free bottles. ) ~~ Watered plants; sprayed Fels-Naptha natural insecticide on infected plants. (Here’s an earlier blog message about my homemade garden products.) ~~ Five large garbage bags are ready for proper disposal. Peculiar items: Empty prescription and nutrition containers I used for pebbles for planters,” and styrofoam “peanuts”  likewise ideal in the bottom of planters for superior drainage. (So few “gardeners” in my community; I can’t even give away extra planters and garden paraphernalia.) ~~ Frankly, I’ve already forgotten half the things I did because I hop-scotched from one thing to another. “Oh, do this! Next, do that!!”  Bottom line: I’m getting lots of exercise. Oh yes, picked up limbs, too, because dead limbs falling every day. 


Preparing blog messages is relaxing, and enjoyable.

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