National “Lucky Penny” Day

I don’t have a “lucky penny”  but thought it a cute subject title for a blog message.

No pictures; forgot the camera. I drove into Livingston to specifically unload a lot of donations for the Habitat for Humanity Resale store. I need space in the KIA to move a bottle tree from a CARE resident site. I set up the display more than a year ago. The resident is moving… so bottle tree is, likewise, moving (her place to my place).

Not a single penny spent on projects this morning. From my personal “hardware store,” the hooks I needed. Furthermore, I already possessed the proper length electric extension cord for (eventually relocated)) fountain-bird bath.

Recently, many bird feeders were removed, emptied and stored because I suspect the birds have flown further North. The only action on the feeders: SQUIRRELS. So the packed-away-out-of-sight wind chimes were introduced to my patio.




The TV meteorologist did not predict rain in our area but I covered boxes “in case”…. Gratefully, just the “hint”  of rain has cooled the air.


Change of plans. I wrote this blog message much earlier in the day. I fully expected to get the bottle tree this evening. Good news, (lucky penny?):  My CARE resident/friend has decided not to move. We had a delightful visit!! ~~ Folks driving past her home will still see the patriotic bottle display.

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