Tuesday trivia !!

The pictures, and narrative, are not in chronological order. First, I confess to “helping myself” to the heavy-duty hand truck when I saw the neighbor leaving. Then I rushed to the area where I’ve been nursing plants damaged in January hard freeze. Miraculously  I was able to tilt the hand truck and get three plants moved to their new location. It was more than ninety-two degrees in the hot humid sunshine but I persevered. It’s difficult to tilt a planter on to the hand truck. I needed another pair of hands; two planters did not get moved.



I started my morning washing grime off the front of the trailer, and off the hood of my KIA. Then I trimmed tree limbs.


I was “downsizing”  (lol) by using old bags of fertilizer on plants and lawn. (Not my purchase; part of the clutter I inherited when I moved here.)

My friend, Jim, arrived and installed the cover over the vent on the cargo trailer.

Jim vetoed participating in shuffle of planters.  I’m tired of waiting for a hired helper (and no volunteers).



I’m exhausted!! Perhaps all the strenuous exercise will help me sleep tonight?

Too bad the pictures don’t depict the sparkle of sunshine on the bottle trees.


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