Texas Lilac revisited

Details about (1) Texas Lilac, (2) Texas Lilac. I did a Google search looking for the specific information copied here (below). I’m relocating my planter and wanted to reaffirm that it loves full sunshine.

Vitex grows best when planted in full sun and in a location that drains well. It will grow well in all areas of Texas, in both acid and alkaline soils. It prospers in hot and dry environments. The Texas Department of Transportation recognizes its toughness, and plants Vitex in highway medians. It is a spectacular butterfly-attracting plant and is deer resistant in that deer will not eat it….

Honestly, I never schedule a yard sale on a Sunday. The “other resident” advertised for Friday, Saturday and Sunday so I planned accordingly. Not one single customer (as of two o’clock) but one new acquaintance who stopped by and we talked “genealogy.”  I did more “shuffle” in the yard but I’m at a standstill until some strong young man to help me move the cement bird bath, Texas Lilac and Yellow Butterfly Vine.

Forced indoors due to the heat and humidity. Obviously, the air-conditioner was quickly turned on so I could approach preparation of this blog (and Google search) in comfort. Check my earlier blog regarding my Texas Lilac.


The two Yellow Butterfly Vine planters will be moved. Many of my plants did not survive the hard freeze in January. The “good” plants will move to a more conspicuous location in my yard.


Thursday, May 24th.

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