Texas Lilac transplanted !!

Holes drilled in large planterSeveral days ago, I obtained two (free) large containers from the farm store. Today, I was eager to prepare… and transplant the Texas Lilac. See my earlier blog message. Furthermore, check the blog message where I referred to myself as the Bag Lady.”  My, oh my, how time flies: I was surprised to see that I’ve been collecting plastic containers for more than a year.


Bringing pebbles to the planter

Lots of small plastic containers

Adding recycled soil

Removing from nursery container

Transplanted Texas Lilac

Project completed


AccuWeatherNot too warm, not too cold; wore my sweater all day. Cloudy, slight wind, but I was thrilled to be working in my “yarden.” Actually, transplanting the Texas Lilac was only one of many projects but they were insignificant and not worth a picture.

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