Texas Lilac Vitex

Texas Lilac Vitex information. More Texas Lilac information.

Texas LilacWhen I first read about “Texas Lilac,” I was intrigued and eager to add it to my yard. I checked Lowe’s numerous times but never found one. I asked questions of acquaintances  in the adjacent RV Park (permanent residents with large landscaped lots), hoping to find someone who could give me a slip or volunteer plant. I resorted to ordering one via the Internet, from Nature Hills (in Omaha, Nebraska).


Texas Lilac arrived but package unopened

Texas Lilac package opened

Texas Lilac out of the box


Temperature at two It is 2:00 PM and my inclination is to rush outdoors and prepare to plant the Texas Lilac. However, it is much too hot and I’ll postpone the project.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Temporary location for Texas LilacPostscript, Sept. 16, 2016: Until I receive another extremely large container (free from the farm store), I’ll test this location. Will it get enough sunshine here? FYI: The Texas Lilac is in its original nursery container sitting inside the decorative planter.


Texas Lilac bloomPostscript, Tuesday, September 20, 2016: How exciting; a bloom on the Texas Lilac.

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