Tuesday “two day” !!

“Your prices are too high.” I confessed I knew some prices were high but in a few days–or a week–I’ll line through the old price (with a red pen) and drop the price. Some items have a ridiculously high price because it is something I don’t really want to sell. **IF** “they” want it at the ridiculously high price, it’s theirs. Farewell, bye-bye. Trivia: Before the sale started, I counted one-hundred-seventy-five items with price tags. Here I am–several days later–and there are many items I still need to price. (I need to check the Internet [e-Bay] for an approximate value.) ~~ “Little old lady” moves slowly!!

(“Little old lady”  is awake half the night. Melatonin only provides about two hours sleep and then you-know-who  is wide awake with thoughts regarding projects.)


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