One comment on “On the map !!

  1. Patty Rogers says:

    Boy, you made the news…………………………again. But in a much better way. See, some of us love you! I guess it’s a bit early for me to put out my hummer feeders. Still have a foot or more of snow in my yard!!! Would love to be in your shoes right now, feeding hummers as well as my winter birds. I did see some doves out in my turnaround this morning, the only place where the plow cuffed up some dirt! My naturapoathic doctor and I have both bought sheds with solar panels on the long roof but can’t be delivered till the snow is gone and the mud from the snow dries up!!! Oh, woe is us, right? Enjoy the birds and spring flowers while I continue to moan about the cold and snow in the far north!! SKP hugs, Patty

    On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 6:54 AM, Three Quarters & Counting wrote:

    > Lorraine Frantz Edwards posted: ” . “The old lady” was evicted from the > CARE Center, and her kids are never in contact. She’s “for the birds” (lol) > and was recognized on the Hummingbird Migration Map.” >

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