Attitude of gratitude !!


Fantastic unusual  Friday!! For several days, I’ve planned to “take a break” from work at home and drive into Livingston, to Walmart, for a haircut. (My hair was long and unattractive.*) Arrival time: 11:30; departure time: 1:50. Yes, an extremely l-o-n-g  wait!! Conversation developed between the half-a-dozen eventual customers. When eventually my turn, I learned the gentleman I’d been visiting with (long gone) had paid for my haircut. What an extremely kind gesture by a new acquaintance–a Christian gentleman!!


After some casual conversation, he said “You’re from the Escapees Park.” (A statement, not a question.) I stammered “How did you know?  I didn’t say anything to indicate I live there.” He said “You don’t sound like someone from around these parts.” Then he shared with me that his wife had been “in charge” at the CARE Center. “When was that? More than four years ago?” Indeed, many years ago. OMG; you would not believe the “dirty laundry” about the CARE Center!!

* For several years, I was a faithful customer for the barber/stylist who sets up his equipment, at CARE,  every Thursday morning. Faithful customer… generous tipper….!!

** He shared his name and phone number with me because he suggested he would have been a valuable ally when I appeared in court regarding the eviction. He regrets I did not appeal the decision.

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