One ton of gravel !!

East Texas Asphalt gave me (by their estimate) two thousand pounds of pea gravel. When I arrived… an employee called another employee and said “I have a young lady here that needs gravel.”  I laughed and told him the “young lady” is looking at her eighty-third birthday. ‘Twas free with best wishes for a happy birthday!! ~~ Twenty-six miles round trip (because I got lost) but only seven miles from home. ~~ Lowe’s has sixty pound bags for $6.26. ~~ Simple arithmetic: Two thousand pounds would be approximately thirty-three bags for an estimated cost of $206.00 plus tax. Nice birthday present!!

One comment on “One ton of gravel !!

  1. carolaow says:

    Good heavens, Lorraine, I didn’t realize it was your birthday yesterday. Belated happy wishes. We will give you a call for a dog walk soon and shall bring a few chocolate hugs! — Carol&Dawny

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