Wild goose chase ?!

Yours truly did not want to pay big bucks, at Lowe’s, for coarse sand or fine gravel (for cement block walkway project). A reasonably reliable source gave me specific directions to an independent retailer. Miles from my home in Polk County, I drove through Liberty County into Hardin County. Thirty miles from home and forty minutes into the trip, I turned around at a highway department gravel site (and I did not “help myself” to their property). I never saw a sign for a retailer!! In total: Fifty-nine miles and one-hour-thirty-five minutes trip. True story: In the four-plus years I’ve lived in Livingston, Texas, I have NEVER ventured this far, nor  this long, from home. (Lengthy shopping trips are an exception, of course. I mean an hour, or more, random driving.)

One comment on “Wild goose chase ?!

  1. Deb says:

    Up in NH you can take buckets to the town barn and get sand (free). I haven’t inquired anywhere else. Did you have Carmen on the job? It’s good for you to get out and see some of the area! I’ve seen pictures of beautiful flowers there…too bad Lady Bird’s gardens weren’t closer.

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