Let’s Make a Deal ?!

Fortunately, I don’t have a lot of expense on prescription drugs. I’m extremely grateful for good health. Recently, I’ve gone through “withdrawals”  (LOL) because I haven’t enjoyed WiFi. So I’ve scoured the Internet (on “guest” WiFi) looking for a “deal” regarding television and/or television and Internet. OMG!! The prices are painfully shocking!! Previously, I enjoyed through-the-air  TV but I doubt I can get stations now (too many trees). Frankly, I don’t know what has been transpiring in the world this week (no TV). My indoor/outdoor thermometer tells me it is getting very cold. A hard freeze predicted (according to an email message) so my surviving plants may not survive the next plummet of temperature!? Fortunately, I have the “heat strip” and a space heater to keep me warm. The furnace just refuses to respond to repairs!! Sometimes I wrap up in my “Slanket” and watch a DVD.




Yesterday: Researching for the best buy. Today: Installation.



Evening with an old friend: Public Broadcasting System (PBS). New Year’s Eve live broadcast from Lincoln Center, New York City. Sadly, my free TV “through-the-air” antenna did not pick up that channel (so years without PBS).

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