IDrive “failed backup” !!

Frustrating!! No solution in sight!!

Please see earlier blogs Computers can be a bane or blessing, and Sunday update.

Saturday, October 21, 7:00 PM; time lapsed 8 hours 50 minutes;
estimated time left 11 hours; 5% complete
Completed files 4,115, 3 GB; to do files 24,168; 59.32 GB


Sunday, October 22, 7:00 AM; time lapsed 20 hours 45 minutes;
estimated time left 8 hours 30 minutes; 15% complete
Completed files 8,767, 9.32 GB; to do files 19,507; 53 GB


Sunday, October 22, 1:30 PM; time lapsed 27 hours 25 minutes;
estimated time left 9 hours; 20% complete
Completed files 10,090, 12.66 GB; to do files 18,183; 49.74 GB


“Print screen” images that are unimportant to my casual reader. However, I’m BIG on documentation. Perhaps there will be an interested reader who will have a suggestion (or two) for me?! Signing up for IDrive was obviously a misplaced expense!!



IDrive sent an email message requesting an evaluation of their service after contacting them for support. Here is my reply.

Extremely poor support!! REPEAT: Extremely poor support!! I sent email messages and the answers were unsatisfactory. I had a “chat” that did not solve my problems. I think I will add my dissatisfaction to reviews on the Internet because your “support” (and product) does not live up to the advertisement!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot get this “old” laptop to back up. Installation went fine–and backup–on my “new” laptop computer.Yesterday (10/19/17) –at 4:17 PM–I had the message “Preparing the list.” The little green line moves across the screen then returns to the left and little green line moves across the screen. The computer has not “gone to sleep” (this morning because I brush my finger across the “mouse”); the Internet connection is working fine. 

I’ve had Carbonite for several years and no problem with backups on this “old” laptop. However, I wanted both computers on one subscription.
REPEAT: Extremely poor support!!!
Lorraine Edwards

4 comments on “IDrive “failed backup” !!

  1. Marjorie Schinke says:

    I hope iDrive has a satisfaction guarantee. I would demand my money back and then just subscribe your new laptop to Carbonite. Surely they have a package deal for 2 computers.

    So sorry for your frustrations.

  2. Deb says:

    That’s a shame. It sure gets good reviews from all the “right” people and publications. Have you watched their tutorials and checked the FAQ’s? I know you’re experienced with computers but maybe there is some oddball thing they mention that would “click” or spark a thought on how to make it work. I see there is also a “Glitches and Snags” section in their forum. I see mention there of people logging in through the app and sending an error report. Would that help? Good luck!

  3. Ann Chapman says:

    I reached a point where I take my computer to a local expert. Expensive, but the problem is resolved without me going nuts. I don’t know if that is an option for you, but you might check it out (just make sure you know what their hourly rate is). Good luck.

    • Ann, I appreciate your suggestion. However, I’ve been using computers for forty years. I go back to the “dark ages” (lol). I’m not a “geek” or “programmer” but I know my way around. ~~ I cancelled the subscription today and wait to see if I get a refund. My complaint is total lack of satisfactory “support.” I sent complete, exact, details of problem–via email. Brief answers. Final email reply said to “chat” with support (via on-line Internet connection). Two “chats” that were likewise very unsatisfactory. Judging by the names (unable to pronounce) of the support individuals, I believe the “support” is in another country. ~~ No, Ann, paying “a local expert” is not an option for two reasons: 1) None in tiny town Livingston, Texas, and 2) limited finances.

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