Speaking of family history…

…let me (proudly) introduce you to my fifth great-uncle, Levi Coffin. He is identified as “President of the Underground Railroad.”  Here is just one, of many, articles about the Underground Railroad. Check this article, in Wikipedia, regarding Levi Coffin. Read Reminisces of Levi Coffin. (I read Reminisces… to my mother while she resided in a convalescent home. This is her ancestry. Furthermore, I enjoyed sharing Life and Travels of Addison Coffin [my third great-uncle].) 

There are bad apples in every barrel?! Indian Agent William G. Coffin is mentioned in The Cherokee Nation in the Civil War. It was my intention to quickly add his name to this message. Seriously, I spent hours searching for him on Ancestry.com. I was so frustrated because he had a role in history. I’m not exaggerating; I spent hours!! It was such a challenge I could not “walk away.” Finally, I turned to the 219 page booklet I published (in 1992) with my Coffin family lineage (which includes Paddock). On pages 151-153 of  Coffin Family Reunion & Our Island Ancestors, I found William Gaston Coffin. Armed with the correct name, there are many records available. My information came from Coffin Family Newsletter(s), 1985, 1987. It’s all there (all the dirty details), in Our Island Ancestors. William Gaston Coffin is my first cousin four times removed. ~~ My emphasis is directed to the good men named Coffin: Levi and Addison.

Here’s a peculiarity: William Gaston Coffin’s son, Elihu (1836-?1904?), is Lorraine’s second cousin three times removed through the Coffin family BUT great-grandniece to both of Elihu’s wives through Smith family.

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