Fresh off the press…

…the October issue of Mennonite Family History. My article Torn Between Two Worlds is on the inside cover (next to picture [simulated] of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to a Catholic Church door, 500 years ago). On pages 209-212, a very interesting article by cousin Dwayne Wrightsman titled Jacob Meyer and Michael Frantz, Leaders of the Little Swatara Congregation, but Were They also Brothers-in-law?

Another “cousin” owns and publishes Mennonite Family History. I’m blessed because cousin Lois Ann reached out to me requesting the story (Torn Between Two Worlds) after reading it on my blog. She urged me to be a “contributing editor.” I’ve been preparing several articles for future issues. Postscript to “Do Something Nice Today” may find its way into print?!

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