Funtastic Friday

“My name is Lorraine. I quit Ancestry with Harvey.”  Question: Have you seen the TV ads for a prescription drug that allows the person to quit smoking?? The commercial goes on to say “XYZ reduced my craving for cigarettes.”  Paraphrasing… “Hurricane Harvey reduced my addiction to Ancestry.” Too many projects demanding my time and attention. Perhaps next time (Irma or José) will visit the Livingston area?! Repeat: “Many projects demanding my time and attention.”

Creating an interesting blog message is important to me. I “look” for subject material. Several days ago, the television commercial struck a chord with me. I drafted the above paragraph. Things changed yesterday when Ancestry sent the results of my DNA test. Simultaneous with their email message, an avalanche of email messages from “cousins.” My mind is trying to figure out how saliva in a tube, processed in a lab, generated so much information. True: I’ve watched police drama on TV and know how DNA solves a crime. But yesterday–and today–is “personal.”

I’m still trying to understand “how.” Obviously, Ancestry plugged my DNA into a data bank and their massive computer system connected “cousins” (already in their data bank) with me. This is fantastic; this is “funtastic.”

The wheels in my brain are spinning. It’s no secret that I have broad knowledge of my ancestry. (I published my Frantz maiden name, three volumes, 3180 pages.) With precise accuracy, Ancestry has connected me with Traxler and Showalter cousins. I’m anxious for Frantz family email correspondence. Ancestry rightly lists my early progenitors in Pennsylvania.

“Funtastic Friday”: Ancestry is more fun than pulling weeds, raking leaves, and sweeping the patio. I guess–once an “addict”–the craving never goes away?

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