Dr. Oz discusses DNA

Remarkable!! I haven’t watched Dr. Oz for many months. (He was dropped from a TV station and I didn’t know of another [although I searched Internet TV listings] . I have limited television reception “through-the-air.”) On Monday, August 21st, I switched TV channels hoping to find additional coverage of the total solar eclipse. SURPRISE!! There was Dr. Oz. ** Today (Wednesday, August 23rd), at two o’clock, I had the impulse to “Watch Dr. Oz.” The program started with the story of a young woman–abandoned at birth– who found her family–through a DNA test, and research. Dr. Oz provided very interesting details about DNA. Click this link to watch the segment.

Twenty-three and me is a resource available to assist adoptees wishing to find their biological parents. I’m delighted with this information because a CARE-resident-friend was asking if she could find her parents.

Watching this TV segment of Dr. Oz was simultaneous with my activation of a DNA kit from/for MyHeritageDNA. Because of my renewed interest in family history, the scanning project of decades-old research material, and addiction to Ancestry,com, I recently ordered the kits. (Furthermore, I sensed material for a blog message and a story for Mennonite Family History,)

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