Too much on my mind !!

It’s possible last night’s storm affected my computer’s extension backup? It isn’t working!! Hopefully, I don’t need to explain the inestimable value of “backups” when I’ve spent months building the digitized library. So I worked, and worked, and worked… and have not reestablished recognizable backup files. Maybe they’re “there” but appearance(s) have changed. **I DON’T NEED THIS PROBLEM!!** Furthermore, suddenly, I find I’m supposed to subscribe to use My Book Western Digital extension hard drive. Why now?? Every time I turn around an Internet giant is asking for money. More money for the digitized library website as I add more gigabytes. Renewal here, renewal there!! Too much on my mind?! Gratefully, thankfully, joyfully, I have free WiFi from the CARE Center. Believe me, no Digitized Library, no Three Quarters And Counting, if I was forced to buy from Verizon. (I went the Verizon route briefly!!)


I got excited about “free” and that was a buffer for “too much on my mind.” (Bufferin?)

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