Maintenance skills waning ?!

Pulling weeds is a “no brainer.”  However, repairing a garden hose requires more strength than I have!! I need a short piece of hose for a second location (and I won’t bore you with the details). Easy enough to cut a section off my one-hundred foot long hose but “the old lady” can’t get new fittings on the raw end(s). Too little strength!! However–“necessity being the mother of invention”–on my stove, I prepared a pan of boiling water. Great idea, don’t you think? Well the soft end folded up like an accordion and I was not able to insert the plastic connection. The pan tipped over and I was almost scalded!!  ALMOST but not quite, praise the Lord. ~~ Old age is such a bummer!!

My day started at six o’clock, pulling weeds. Repeat: “No brainer.”

Overnight, I bleached the fountain. Constantly running water allows the bleach to saturate the areas with algae. This morning, I (hopefully) washed away all the bleach water so the squirrels and birds have fresh water.

Maybe I should stick to computer/scanner/Internet? (It’s 9:30 and “yes,” I’m on the computer and Internet.)

Postscript: It’s almost Independence Day. I’m thinking “bottle tree” again. I want two that are patriotic red, white, and blue. It is almost impossible to find red bottles. My option over these last several months: Red vases from Dollar Tree. I make a point of stopping… each time I’m in Livingston. I buy all their red vases. However, most recent visits, none available. I’m told they carry them for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Yesterday–via the Internet–I ordered forty-eight from Dollar Tree and they will be delivered “free” to the local store. (Likewise, arranging bottles on “branches” is a “no brainer.”)


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