This Is My Heritage (book)

Before pages were separated.~~ Today, I mutilated the book; never in my remembrance, never “tore up” a book.

I attempted to scan pages in the book but had a ghastly ghost of unsightly black-and-white around the text. Totally unsatisfactory, in my humble opinion!! From the glue binding, I carefully tore out the pages one-by-one. Later each page received tender loving care as it was centered on the flat-bed scanner with white paper background. It took three hours to scan one-hundred-forty pages!! ~~ Because I could NOT locate that book on a Google search, I decided I’d scan… and post in the library.” (I purchased the book on 28 Apr 2007 [receipt in book] and question why I couldn’t find it on the Internet.) ~~ Indeed, that is my heritage: Mennonite and Old German Baptist Brethren.

This Is My Heritage

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