Same old song ?!

Four AM; can’t sleep!!

Yesterday: Moved the car for the first time in six weeks; went shopping. Spent $100.78 for groceries. Bought a non-habit-forming sleep aid but it didn’t seem to help me sleep. Spent $16.99 at Dollar Tree for cleaning products and toiletries (but “housecleaning” doesn’t rate very high on my priority list).

Honestly, I told a friend (in an email message) that I need to be three people: One for the scanning project, one for the yard, one for maintaining the trailer home. My yard is a jungle of weeds and “stuff” falling out of the trees. The rain gauge was full… from rain this last week. More boxes got wet and contents went into the dumpster. Some items are spread out to air dry. I’m so weary of all the clutter–indoors and outdoors!! I’m so tired!!

The “new” computer must be “over-burdened” too?! It is so-o-o-o slow; it takes an exceedingly long time to process information (and I get so impatient)!! Right now, 4:44 AM: Four thousand, five-hundred, ninety-two megabytes used for the library. Granted, I’m using Windows-7 so I don’t have the newest technology. I didn’t want the “learning curve” of Windows-10!!



One comment on “Same old song ?!

  1. Deb says:

    Too bad there isn’t a genealogical society there in the area that could help you somehow. Of course, you’re the one that understands the information the best. But wow, what a mountain of paperwork.

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