Affirmation and reaffirmation !!

It’s five PM and I want to share my wonderful experience of the day. Yes, I was “scanning” (after a couple of hours pulling weeds) and I selected a large padded envelope from a dear lady “cousin.” It was postmarked late November 1998 and, unquestionably, I read the contents at that time. However, it was all new to me today. Oh, how I loved reading the handwritten letters. Oh, how I cried as I read the Memoirs of Arthena Shoup. Because of years of “family history,” and years spent visiting in the Springfield, Ohio, area, I “knew” the families; I knew some of the homesteads.

Correspondence from Lela Landes Shoup dated 28 Nov 1998 and 19 Mar 1999

I may be in the minority but I believe preserving correspondence, and research notes, has value. “Armchair researchers” can go to and compile names, dates and locations. Personally, I love (love, love) the intimate details of narratives by warm-blooded Homo sapiens (versus impersonal giant computer with remarkable search features).

It is my prayer that the digitized library will become a well-visited site by folks researching the Frantz family and collateral lines.

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