Three months and counting !!

Showing off the new computer on March 5, 2017.

“The clutter” has only gotten worse!! I have so little aisle space because three boxes to the left of the table with Dell laptop computer. One box for trash–but it is filling up very slowly. One box holds material I’ve scanned but put the original correspondence (printouts, etc.) in a box destined for Brethren Heritage Center. One box contains the next projects I’ll tackle one-by-one. On a positive note, the very large box, on the pallet, on the patio, is empty and en route to the dumpster. I measure success by the number of boxes, and crates, I’ve emptied. It just doesn’t “show” inside my trailer home!!

So far, this is merely the boxes that were in a storage unit “down the highway.” I have not attempted to “dig” out boxes stored in my on-site storage building. Yes, I’ve made progress but my answer to the question “How long will this take?” is “a year.”

Did I tell you, this is a juggling act? I scan… and get that “puzzle piece” in the air, then add it to the library.” Almost always, I have three computer programs open (three “pieces”) at all times. Sometimes, in an attempt to know where to file the information* (in the library), I check I usually “get lost” in the search and I’ve wasted(?) precious hours. (1) Windows-7 operating system on laptop, (2) PaperPort software handling the information between scanner and computer, (3) HP scanner, and (4) Every scanned page gets special attention. If a handwritten letter, it has to be scanned one way and I need to lift the lid of the scanner and place the letter on the “flat-bed.” When information was typed with a typewriter, is faded and difficult to read, it needs special attention. Likewise, a printout from an old dot matrix printer, being faded and difficult to read, needs special attention. I’m grateful for those folks who sent letters and printouts that will scan easily when inserted in the “document feeder.”

*Which Immigrant Frantz ancestor.

Here’s an interesting email letter I found today. To Martha from Lorraine.


2 comments on “Three months and counting !!

  1. Jimmie says:

    I have my own balls to juggle I have a box of family photos that I promised myself I would scan and share with the family or post online or do something with but I’ll have to get over traveling and settle somewhere before I can commit that much time to scanning. Maybe I’ll come park close to you and we can push each other onward!

    • Jimmie, let’s do it!! Come to Rainbow’s End and we’ll encourage one another!! When I eventually get to pictures, it should be *”a piece of cake.”* Scanning the pages is a challenge (handwriting, faded print, etc.).

      Right now, I’m wishing I could be three people (*”three people and counting”*??) because I want to stop and read some of the resource material I collected. Yesterday, I found wonderful articles about why our ancestors left “the old country” (1600’s/early 1700’s). My ancestors were Anabaptist so interesting articles about the Brethren and Mennonites. Also naming customs of the Pennsylvania Germans (my ancestry).

      Three people: Two for the current project and one to work in the garden?!

      So you are traveling?? You have recovered from your surgery and left North Carolina??

      Best wishes from Lorraine

      *P.S. If so inclined, please take a few minutes to visit my blogs at* Three Quarters And Counting * and/or Casual Approach Rejected Entirely .*

      On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 6:59 AM, Three Quarters & Counting wrote:


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