Believe me, or not ?!

For two days, I have done absolutely NOTHING. All I want to do is sleep. I do not have a teaspoon of energy!! When I’m not in bed, I’m reclining in my easy chair. The TV has been “on,” although I can’t give you specific details about the programs. However, one pastor on Trinity Broadcasting Network, was discussing health and healing. I suddenly felt I received “a word from the Lord.” The pastor said sickness, and disease, comes from STRESS. (You may disagree.) Well, I recognize that my recent project has been VERY STRESSFUL. Endless hours at the computer; numerous mental gymnastics!! Meals were skipped because I was “in the middle…” My body was vulnerable to a “bug”?! First: My throat so raw I could hardly swallow. Second: Headache (and I seldom have a headache). Third: Symptoms of a cold.


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