Armchair research

The “librarian” has been very busy loading the shelves with digitized information. More recently, the “librarian” focused on correspondence received with “additions and corrections” (after publication of Frantz Families–Kith & Kin). The following letter, postmarked 21 Nov 1997, captured the attention of “the librarian.” Read the letter closely and see if you agree that the query was difficult to decipher. Two days ago, “the librarian” (yours truly) began a lengthy search on Lengthy: Conservatively a dozen hours!! If you have Ancestry, click this link to go to Sue Vanatti. Over the hours, the Vanatti family was well-developed on Lorraine’s tree. In desperation, the France family was documented from George Washington France down. Individual after individual was researched. The connection was never established between Sue Vanatti and her “great-great-grandfather David, b. 1857, d. 1919.” Part of the search was devoted to identification of her maiden name–which turned out to be Knox. Another clue: Sue’s name and address on the envelope. So an exhaustive search for Knox and France individuals living in the Brazil, Indiana, area. Disappointed: No link!!

Why spend so much time (when lots of information awaits scanning)?? There was every possibility George Washington France was another “leaf” on the Frantz family tree. We have several incidents of name change (see FF-KK, Vol. 1, p. 69). Another “armchair researcher,” on, will now benefit from a long line of linked individuals. The records were all available: Birth, death, census, etc.; time and effort paid dividends. 

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