Super Saturday !!

super-saturdayAnother dark gloomy day, weather-wise, but a “super” day for me. I heard from a long-time-ago friend. timothy-s-binkley“Tim” was working at the Brethren Heritage Center, Brookville, Ohio, the summer of 2004. I had traveled (in my Class B mini-motorhome) to the area to visit family and do genealogical research. I volunteered at the Center/Archives/Library all summer learning from this talented professional archivist. (My mini-motorhome parked, day and night, outside the back door.) It was such a rewarding experience, I returned to Lancaster, California, packed my belongings, sold my home, and moved to Brookville!! Some of the boxes shown in recent pictures are boxes of family history packed in Lancaster, in 2004. I would probably have a heart attack if I calculated the amount of money spent on storage fees over the years.

Yours truly planned to make Brookville, Ohio, her “forever home,” and BHC her forever volunteer job. Can a person be “too ardent, too enthusiastic”? Whatever the reason… several moves, and several volunteer jobs later, I arrived (as a volunteer) at CARE. I stayed on as a resident. When we have another pleasant day–weather-wise–I’ll shift more boxes from the neighbor’s storage building to my patio and tarp shelter. (She decided to move… and new neighbors need every inch….) Giving up my storage unit (down the highway) to save money was an obvious mistake!! ~~ (I’m not complaining!!)


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