Just an ordinary Saturday !!

No Christmas shopping; no cooking; no baking!!

Temperature at ten AM

Most recent "hanging" bottle display

Bottle vine

Designed to be a candle holder

Changed bottles for Alice's pleasure


Created in North Carolina March 2012There’s a story that accompanies this planter. Building the masterpiece reveals the details and documents with pictures.

Today, I planted Pansies.


Preparing to plant pansies



Recently, I shifted some of my “stuff” from the mini-storage (down the highway) to my neighbor’s almost empty storage building. Today, I organized… and hope to get the remaining “stuff” moved before the first of the year (so no more storage fees). ~~ When did I pack those disaster supplies?? Is it possible they are part of my “earthquake preparedness”  from Southern California (prior to my 2004 move)?? I’ll add them to the supplies I purchased earlier this year.

Reorganized my things in neighbor's storage building

Adding these to my other supplies

Emergency preparedness in my overcrowded storage building

Well prepared for an emergency

Temperature at one PM

Ready to discard


Long overdue: I MUST  downsize!! At one time, I planned to expand details about my TaB Teardrop Travels (2010) and I’ve kept maps and brochures. Now they go into the trash.   😦  (That is only one of several containers!)

Into the trash

Empty container

Two blooms on Butterfly bush

Trimmed Impatiens

Temperature at two

Labels removed from three bottles

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