Cement mixer !!

Unpacked six bottle things

Temperature when project started


SunshineIt was a reasonably nice morning (a reasonably nice day)!! Yours truly was very anxious to prepare a cement base for another Bottle Tree (it’s a gift). The thermometer was “deceiving” because a rather cold wind blowing, and occasionally fifteen or twenty sprinkles of rain. It’s weird (I know) but I enjoy the strenuous task of stirring the concrete.


Getting ready to mix concrete


Empty eighty pound bag

Temperature near end of project

Project completed

Size of bottle treeWhen the concrete hardens, I’ll spread the branches slightly and spray on a clear protective coat of Rust-Oleum. When third section is added, total height of Bottle Tree will be over six feet. Sadly, only twelve “branches” for twelve bottles.


Temperature when Lorraine went indoors

Bottle Tree close upI said “sadly” because forty “branches” on my Christmas Bottle Tree. (The $5.00 “display rack” converted to a Bottle Tree.)


Lorraine gets a ride on a tandem bike.Second thoughts





I’ll “rob” the other Bottle Tree of the third section so I can add fourth section to enlarge this “tree.”


If you are considering a unique purchase for your garden, check the large variety at Hopfrog Market. I’m impressed with the quality of the products–and (imho) they are less expensive than other vendor websites I’ve visited. Tell Mr. Dave that Lorraine sent you?!

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