Saturday info

AccuWeather at five AM

Temperature at five AM


woman-sleeping-with-zzz“Concern” about temperature(s), and plants, makes me exhausted!! I went back to bed and, gratefully, slept until 8:45. ~~ Hard to believe, we’ll see seventy degrees before the weekend is over!!


Approaching nine AM

Sunshine beyond my patio


Temperature at nineIn preparation for the next freezing weather, I’ll buy a heater for the tarp shelter. I’ve now documented numbers indicating under the tarp shelter is as cold as outdoors. Furthermore, actually colder when the sun is shining.

Today, I’m questioning my sanity: “Why am I involved in so many physical and mental projects?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, Saturday afternoon: Lowe’s was one, of several, stops during  a few hours away from home. This heater was inexpensive but appears very durable.

Tarp door needed

New heater

Temperature in greenhouse

Temperature at two

Matching number, temperature at four

Temperature at five

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