Under the magnifying glass: Hummingbird/Cypress vine

See my earlier blog message Trite but True. This is a follow up because I like to document the growth. Frankly, I wasn’t certain of the success of the seedlings; I was uncertain whether they would survive–and thrive–in the shade. Or whether they would survive a squirrel uprooting the plants!! Because the outcome was questionable, I planted the Hummingbird Vine in a large–but ugly–planter. (That was prior to my spray-painting-planters project.)

Ugly blue planter

Trellis for an unknown vine

In a new red planter

Squirrels damaged the seedlings

Replanted and covered

Attempt to keep squirrels off planter

Vine is climbing the trellis

Hummingbird-Cypress vine close-up



Cypress vine up to tree limbCypress vine lower areaBelow: The first bloom and that single bloom makes the work and frustration worth while.   🙂


First bloom

First bloom close up

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