Under the magnifying glass: Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine (revisited)

Deep hole in the ground was an earlier blog about my Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine.

Preparing to plant Hummingbird-Trumpet vine

Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine in April 2015

Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine in July 2015

Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine May 2016

Clippings in a jar of water

Passage preferred

Next to tree is OK

Access to the field

Improved passage

Magnifying glass with white stick figure and magnifying glass with black handle


Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine following the fence

Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine on the fence


Original vine woven into wire fenceAbove, and to the left, “chapter one” of the Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine. Note my comment on one of the pictures “Believe it or not: Passage between my yard and the field is more valuable than the plant.” ~~ Below: “Chapter two” documents the growth of clippings.


Clippings from Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine

Took root and growing

Vine growing rapidly

Requires constant weeding


Three bird feedersNo exaggeration:The planter needs constant weeding! With three feeders, bird seed germinates–and sprouts–almost as fast as I remove it. If and when the vine blooms, it is close to the Hummingbird feeder.Exclamation mark red with stick figureQuestion mark with stick figure Did I hear the question “Why the grill?” Because the squirrels love to dig in my planters!!


Hummingbird feeder near vine

White stick figure with two thumbs up


Vine touching the ground

Weaving vine down fence


Hummingbird Trumpet Vine in early September (1)

Hummingbird Trumpet Vine in early September (2)A pyramid-shape trellis recently added and vine is encircling it. So far, this has been a seventeen month journey. I’m anxious for the Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine to bloom–and reward me for my efforts!!

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