Transplanted Coleus and Lantana

Coleus transplantedEvery time I shop at Lowe’s, I check the mark-down plants in the garden department. Even though I don’t “need” any more plants, I succumb to the purchase of items for one dollar (or three dollars). The Coleus is ten times larger than when I brought it home–and overdue for a larger planter. Likewise the Lantana has thrived, and bloomed, and overdue for a larger planter.


Pebbles for planters

Recycled soil

Ready to transplant

Yellow Lantana in place

Lantana to the left of yellow Lantana

Lantana to the right of yellow Lantana


Lantana is hardy and will be happy in recycled soil. (Quality soil from earlier this year.) A not-so-fancy planter because it may join the planters on the south side of my trailer home. Frankly, I’m not fond of Lantana but it provides lots of colorful blooms. ~~ Honestly, I love to give Mexican Petunia, and Lantana, to friends and neighbors.

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