Under the magnifying glass: Cape Honeysuckle (south side)

Quoting from an earlier blog: I made a special trip to Lowe’s yesterday afternoon  [8/09/15] to purchase a “mark down” Cape Honeysuckle bush. I saw it the day before but decided I have enough plants. With 20/20 hindsight, I thought it was worth a twelve-mile round trip to see if it was still available. ~~ I’ll have a new next-door neighbor soon and she wants a garden like mine!! A Cape Honeysuckle has beautiful flowers that attract Hummingbirds. I/we can hang a feeder and both of us enjoy…. (She asked for my help.) Conceivably–in time–I may have a lovely garden on both sides of my trailer home?!”

When I decided to put Cape Honeysuckle “under the magnifying glass,” I discovered that very few pictures had been taken. Why so few?? Perhaps, in part, out-of-sight out-of mind? I only “see” the several plants when I’m watering, weeding, or fertilizing. The neighbor has never complimented the attractive plants she sees from dawn ’til dark.

Cape Honeysuckle December 2015

Cape Honeysuckle August 2016

Cape Honeysuckle bloom

Magnifying glass with orange stick figure (1)


Below, left, April, 2016 ~~ right, August 2016. The plants have doubled in size, and blooming beautifully.

South side April 2016

Cape Honeysuckle August 2016

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