Monday morning quarterbacking…

…the day after we lost Hall of Fame great, Frank Gifford.

I didn’t “know” him but he was such a well-known personality for people “my age.” Furthermore, I hear he was “the pride of Nantucket.” I have ancestral roots on Nantucket Island and have vacationed there for a family reunion (and research).

Puzzle pieces, gray, face profile“Use it or lose it.” Our Nurse Practitioner hammers that thought home to the CARE residents. Most recently (as you know from my several blog messages) I have been “exercising” my brain. Indeed, searching records (on the Internet) really stirs up the “gray matter,”

Stick figure juggling puzzle piecesIt’s a challenge; I have a tiger by its tail and I can’t let go!! To my credit: Yesterday, I “may” have found the father of my illusive gentleman. (“May” is the operative word because [in this case] many individuals with the same given name.)

I live in a community of senior citizens. The CARE Center also hosts an Adult Day Care program. Daily, I encounter people with dementia, or Alzheimer’s. Saying “It makes me sad…” is true but only half of the equation. “It scares me!!” To watch people slip away into oblivion has prompted me to pray “Dear Heavenly Father, please, please help me retain my memory.” BUT, I recognize it is happening to me… and I’m working to keep my brain stimulated. “Climbing the family tree,” maneuvering through several genealogy web sites (side by side on the computer screen) plus the unique challenges operating a computer seems worthy of my time and effort. (Especially in this weather when I cannot work in the garden.)

Speaking of “garden”: I made a special trip to Lowe’s yesterday afternoon to purchase a “mark down” Cape Honeysuckle bush. I saw it the day before but decided I have enough plants. With 20/20 hindsight, I thought it was worth a twelve-mile round trip to see if it was still available. ~~ I’ll have a new next-door neighbor soon and she wants a garden like mine!! A Cape Honeysuckle has beautiful flowers that attract Hummingbirds. I/we can hang a feeder and both of us enjoy…. (She asked for my help.) Conceivably–in time–I may have a lovely garden on both sides of my trailer home?!


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