“Uncle” !!

Fresh scrubbed clay pots

Temperature at nine-thirty


Sun tea

I surrender, I give up,  I cry “uncle”!! Time to retreat from my “yarden” and enjoy some sun tea with fresh ginger. I accomplished at least two dozen things this morning (in three hours) but only two were photographed.

Yesterday afternoon my bird bath fountain stopped bubbling so I planned to replace the pump first thing this morning. Yesterday, I checked the breakers and plug-in, and cleaned the pump but still no bubbles. Miraculously, this morning I was greeted by the soft murmur of running water. (Gratefully, not a major water leak like three weeks ago!!) I’m deliberate about keeping fresh running water for the birds and squirrels. I have a replacement pump when the occasion arises. So what did I do? Besides scrubbing clay pots, “dead head” spent flowers, pulled weeds, watered several plants, and set up a Mister.”  Birds–and plants–love a fine mist.

Remember an earlier message when I said I might have sabotaged my garden? The shade of tree limbs was sacrificed for sun for many planters. The tropical plants on my patio are suffering from too much sun. Leaves are turning yellow on the Elephant Ear. I think the mist will make the plants happy. (“Mister” was a North Carolina purchase.)

Happy plant

Happy plant (2)

Happy plants (3)

Happy plant (5)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, 12 noon.Tuesday


Temperature just before twelve noon

Temperature at noon

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