Sabotage ??

Time will tell. I may be my own worst enemy?

Today, a young man trimmed some of my trees. I’ve speculated that my garden needs more sunshine. However, the tropical plants on my patio may have thrived due to deep shade. Yes, “time will tell.” (I’ll report the result.) ~~ Check these pictures vertically and not horizontally. ~~ James cut the big heavy limbs; Lorraine cut them into smaller pieces. (Radical tree surgery because it may be “a cold day in hell” before I have another helper. I’m capable of many tasks, woefully lacking in others.) ~~ Too tired for square dancing tonight. I usually limit my physical activity on Monday so I have energy for square dancing but the helper too valuable to postpone!!

Going, going

Before limb was cut

James trimming the limb

After limbs were cut


Tools of the day


Nice and neat

Lots and lots of limbs

Sunshine for the plantersPostscript, Friday, June 10, 2016, 12:45 PM: I’m a renter. Frequently my wishes are overruled. I won’t complain!! Gratefully, I obtained permission for the tarp shelter, and cement pad for my Garden Tower.Down arrow


Next, we trim this tree

Only the lower limbs

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